Alamo Square Pop Ups!

Alamo Square Pop Ups!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely time during the December holidays and got to spend some time with family!

On my end, the past couple of months have had some exciting baking news! Back in November and just a week ago, I did a couple of weekend pop ups with Lady Falcon Coffee Club. If you haven’t heard of it, LFCC is an awesome woman owned coffee roaster based in the bay area. Their lovely coffee truck is usually located out of Alamo Square, and for a weekend in November and last Sunday, I set up a table with some sweet treats for people to grab and enjoy with their coffee. 

As both times I spent most of the days leading up to the pop ups busy baking, I didn’t really think much about taking nice photos. Fortunately, this last Sunday my friend Kanaga, an avid baker and photographer herself, brought her camera and grabbed some shots of the table.

The first weekend, I had two varieties of babka - chocolate hazelnut and pumpkin spice, spiced apple donuts, blueberry olive oil muffins and a few other options. Pumpkin Spice was a hit, as expected in November! I used white chocolate, pumpkin puree and a mix of spices to make an aromatic and delicious fall inspired filling. Maybe I’ll post a recipe in time for next fall!

This last pop up, I had 3 types of babka: Nutella, butter spice, and PB & J (blueberries). I also had a gluten free almond and pear tart, and those blueberry olive oil muffins made a comeback.

It was really interesting selling in this capacity and seeing what people gravitated towards! Babka was generally the most popular both pop ups, followed by the muffins. The first weekend I had quite a few people ask about a gluten free option which is why I ended up adding the tart last weekend. I didn’t notice as many people asking about gluten this time, though maybe they just read the menu and figured it out on their own! Luckily, the tart looks awesome (in my humble opinion ;)) and I think it’s delicious regardless of whether you’re avoiding gluten or not. I’ll have to post a recipe for it soon.

Oh, and one more update - you may have noticed a little visual change! After more than a year, happy to say my vision has become a reality, and Bad Baby Bakery is sporting a brand spankin’ new logo!

More updates and recipes soon - let me know if there’s any recipe you’re interested in seeing!

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